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"I love my Laura Raborn home portrait!  I've always wanted a painting of the home I grew up in and Laura was the perfect artist to provide it.  The painting is a great rendering of our family home and every time I look at it, it makes me smile.  Thank you!"
-Becca Berk, Dallas, TX

"We decided we wanted a painting of our home some months before we saw Laura's work at a local art showing.  From the moment we laid eyes on her work we immediately fell in love with her clean, crisp, and unique style!  Before leaving the show that night, we made sure we contracted her to paint our home. She was extremely professional in how she worked with us, especially in taking the time to get a clear understanding of exactly what we desired in the painting.  Once those details were achieved she swiftly went about producing a beautiful painting of our beloved home that we will always cherish and proudly display.  We're both so glad we chose the right artist!"
-Vicki and
Buddy Hall, Little Rock, AR

"Laura could not be more talented and more professional.  Her artistic insight is unparalleled.  Her expedient and thorough attention to detail made the entire process a joy.  We are overwhelmed by the accuracy of her work, despite the geographic distance from our home.  This is a wonderful gift that will become an important family heirloom for our children when they are grown."
-Jamie B. Banks, Fayetteville, AR

"Bob and I have always admired Laura’s paintings of homes. We are particularly excited about her style and commissioned Laura to paint our daughter and son in law’s beautiful home for their Christmas present. Laura was a delightful young lady to work with, up at dawn taking photographs of their home, checking lighting and different angles. I reviewed sketches in three stages which was very helpful; we knew the final painting was going to be perfect. The painting was a wonderful surprise, they seemed so pleased to a have such a personalized present, a Laura Raborn original, and it looks beautiful hanging in their home."
-Jo and Bob Magee, Little Rock, AR

"The portrait of our house that you did was a fantastic Christmas gift. The attention that you paid to the details of house and our landscaping was exceptional and a tribute to the hard work and thought we invested in the remodeling project we recently completed. In a way, our house portrait validated the decisions we made during the remodeling process! I love this house and no matter where I live, I will always be able to take it with me, thanks to you."
-Pattie  Weed, Little Rock, AR 

"It was a pleasure working with Laura as she gathered information for the portrait of our home.  She gave careful consideration to details that were important to us but did not lose sight of her own artistic vision.  The end result is a cherished keepsake of the house that has been our home for over 25 years.  Our whole family loves the painting!"  
-Sunny Hawk, Little Rock, AR

"Imagine my good fortune that my daughter is a close friend of Laura Raborn's.  I couldn't have commissioned a better painting of my daughter in her Brooklyn neighborhood than Laura did after she had visited her.  As soon as I saw it, I obsessed about owning it.  My husband and I repeatedly asked Laura if she'd ever sell it, and as soon as she was ready, we jumped at the chance.  It is my favorite thing to look at every day - she captured our daughter, Phoebe, perfectly.  The gesture is clearly her, as is the figure of our granddaughter.  The light and shadow of the trees and homes on the street are magically combined with vivid color in a way that I'd love regardless of who is pictured.  Laura is a real talent. Own a Raborn NOW!"
-Nancy Lichty, Little Rock, AR

"We were speechless when we saw our beautiful painting Laura did of our home! She is a fabulous artist and the painting she did is definitely our new favorite! She was a joy to work with and we had our painting within two weeks!"
-Wendy and Stephen LaFrance, Little Rock, AR